Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Challenge Of Sorts:

Ok, so, I thought this might a nice thing to do:

I openly invite people to suggest/request things for me to draw to put on this here web log. It is highly likely that you will be rewarded with big cash prizes and inevitable fame afterward*.
The rules are:
1. Nothing graphically and horribly sexual (comically is fine, I just don't really want to draw anything minging, you know?)
2. a) Nothing outrageously offensive, like Hitler killing a Jewish person or something, or anything to do with slavery etc.
b) No negative stereotypes (again, comical ones that wouldn't offend anyone are fine).
3. No plagiarizing someone else's idea. Character's from films/TV, etc. are fine but no copying a T-shirt design or anything.
4. Try and think of something that will be difficult or even impossible to draw (this is a challenge after all).

You can suggest/request of me in anyway you see fit; you may comment on this post, email, text or telephone me. Hell, you can even write me a letter if you want and I'll scan that and put it up alongside the drawing.

Thank You And Get Thinking!

*Actual chances of receiving cash prizes from William Burnett Hill (Myself) or gaining any form of notoriety from entering this challenge are extremely low, if not zero.


  1. i want you to depict this...

    I roll the window down
    And then begin to breathe in
    The darkest country road
    And the strong scent of evergreen
    From the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

    Then looking upwards
    I strain my eyes and try
    To tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites
    From the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

    "Do they collide?"
    I ask and you smile.
    With my feet on the dash
    The world doesn't matter.

    When you feel embarrassed then I'll be your pride
    When you need directions then I'll be the guide
    For all time.
    For all time.

    Challenge you asked, challenge you got

  2. my challenge for you is a man, who at some point in his life started to belive he was a cat, yet we can sense that he's somewhat confused about his sexuality and misses playing cludo........sometimes

  3. not much happening on my suggestion ;p